Confidence in one's abilities,  no matter the circumstance usually brings cool-headedness, firmness, and boldness in anything we do. When there are so much doubt and uncertainty,  it deters one's courage or positiveness with respect to what that person is doing.  

According to research,  it has been proven that a lot of women brim with confidence whenever it comes to sexually related issues as compared to the men of this century.  Many men usually lack the confidence needed whenever meeting their partners because of the recent rise in sexually related problems which deters the performance of the man sexually. Many are the factors which usually lead to such insecurities on the side of the man among-st which is ...

  • Premature Ejaculation 
  • Low Or Weak Erections 
  • Low Sperm Count 
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Excess Alcohol Intake
  • Hormonal Imbalance... Etc. 

Women don't usually encounter such problems due to how different their system is. The male system and male organ as a whole is a very complicated one due to the many functions which it performs during intercourse,  such as pumping of blood for good erections and production of semen. For that reason whenever a man is not able to perform it becomes a major concern to the household.  Also with the organ of a man,  one deficiency or problem could lead faster to other unanticipated problems if much attention is not given.  A perfect example is a client who came in for treatment of infertility after he realized he couldn't father a child.  During our little chit chat,  I realized he didn't take the initial warning signs seriously ie when his erections started to diminish and then he couldn't last as he normally did. He never took things serious till the semen production went down before he realized he had to act fast.  That is how the male system functions.  It initially gives u warning signs. Some of those signs are 

  • Your erections at dawn are not as stronger as they used to be. 
  • It takes a lot of attempts to get erections during intercourse
  • After the first erection,  it takes less than 2 mins to ejaculate
  • After the first ejaculation, getting another erection becomes A "thug of war". 
  • Your energy level has dropped below 50% then u normally do. 
  • Semen also looks lighter and watery than normal. 
Immediately you fall within one or two of the above,  then it means the red lights have popped up and you need serious help. Solve it faster before it slowly destroys you.  Don't make the woman feel confident alone,  also brim with confidence anytime and show her the man in you.  

Vital 5 is a set of natural products in a package that basically has a powerful libido enhancer which boosts your sexual drive as well as fertility and men who have suffered from impotency for a long time. The products have the most powerful erectile function that gives you a long-lasting erection enabling you to produce harder and longer to reach the satisfaction of both sexual intercourses. It contains l-arginine that promotes healthy blood flow through the blood vessels,
heart and the sex organ enabling it to stay stronger and harder increasing your sexual arousal as well. it moreover helps to produce the most quality and quantity of sperm mobility whiles increasing energy level, stamina, endurance and eliminating fatigue. Making you look younger and younger because of its anti-ageing properties

❤ Boosts Energy Levels, Endurance and Stamina
❤ Promotes Libido in men and women
❤ Enhance Male Sexual Function
❤ Believed to overcome Premature Ejaculation in some men
❤ Promotes Healthy Blood Flow
❤ Helps to Regulate Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels
❤ Promotes Overall Cardio Vascular Health

Our solution to daily, healthy nutrition in one simple pack. Together these products help to support the transportation of nutrients throughout our bodies to our cells and tissues.

Vital 5 provides advanced nutrition made simple so you get exactly what you need when you need it!

Boost Your Sexual Function With The Most Potent Proven And Tested Organic Products.

Don't wait for any man to take your woman for a ride before you start searching for medication to solve this problem which can be handled from the bases immediately before it's too late. 


(NB: The Full vital 5 pack is designed to tackle the source of the problem and also correct the main problem while the 2 in 1 goes straight to tackle the main problem)

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